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Sunday, 8th July 2018

10.30am Preacher - Mrs. Suzanne Kelly

6.30pm No Service

Sunday, 8th July 2018

10.0am Preacher: Mr Richard Cawthorn

6.00pm Rev. Fran Rhys
Steward: Jack Bassford

Ladies Bright Hour - Normally FIRST and THIRD Thursday, 2.45pm. Visitors welcome - Next Meeting -

House Fellowship Not meeting for the summer

Please remember to bring your used postage stamps and put them in the box at the back of the church for the Leprosy Mission.

Prayer Circle We are up and running. If you know of anybody who needs our prayers, whether they are a member of this church , or not, then please contact Alison. (you can use the contact email)



Please, if you hear or know of anyone ill or going hospital let me know as I rely on you to keep me informed so that we can pray/visit or ring them and let them know that they are not forgotten. Your prayers please for anyone else you may know of who is in hospital or going for tests, especially those with young children who await tests for what may be life changing illnesses.

At this time also I would ask you to think of anyone you know of who is suffering depression or uncertainty in their life, be it in through health, work or family matters. Your prayers are also asked for those who have concerns of conscience at this time that they may find guidance from God. All who are anxious about their health.

Updated 3rd July 2018

Contact us at info @ cosby-methodist.org.uk (no spaces)

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